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  • Conscious Capitalism Consulting and Coaching

    In Brief:
         Conscious capitalism refers to businesses that serve the interests of all major stakeholders customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment.

    The four principles of conscious capitalism are:

    Higher Purpose,
    Stakeholder Orientation,
    Conscious Leadership,
    and Conscious Culture.

    Values-based Consulting and Coaching

    In Brief:
        Values-based leadership coaching recognizes that understanding one's values lie at the heart of personal achievement or organizational success. Unblocking values conflicts and clarifying values assumptions will pave the way to greater personal, team, and organizational performance.

    Transformational Leadership SQ 21 Assessments Advanced Emotional Intelligence
    Anneli is a SQ21 Certified Interpreter and Coach

    In Brief:
        The Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) model translates the most-admired qualities of our higher-conscious heroes-people like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King Jr. into a set of 21 skills that can be measured and intentionally developed, allowing for an in-debts advanced emotional intelligence process.

    SQ21, developed by Cindy Wigglesworth, is a faith neutral/faith-friendly tool for leaders, educators, coaches, consultants, and anyone else seeking an effective, rational and holistic way to embrace their higher self, serve more intentionally and purposefully and to create positive results.

    see also www.metaphysicalacademy.com








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