My Service Philosophy

Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, M.Ed, MCC

Mission Statement

As a Clinical Counsellor, Life Coach and Consultant I am committed to assisting individuals, families and organizations to significantly advance in maturity, while personally and professionally excelling. My focus is on personal and career development, transition, holistic health, conflict dissolution, professional manifestation, integrity, process-orientation, life-long learning and sustainability.


I believe that effective counselling, coaching and consulting have become an increasingly complex challenge requiring a sophisticated understanding of both the individual and his or her environment. Therefore an effective helping professional needs not only to be competent with his or her unique skill set but also must possess an understanding of the multi-faceted culture and unique background of each individual and their context. In addition, a successful practitioner needs ongoing education, self-development and real-world experience and knowledge on current life, family, business and global issues.

First and foremost, I believe that an effective practitioner must have done his or her own personal work and be dedicated to continual personal and professional growth.

In my work I have observed that issues occasionally reside on one or more levels that are deeper than originally identified. Invariably they have a psychological, environmental, cultural, emotional and/or spiritual dimension. This may manifest in the very way the client is framing or perceiving his or her issue, or in self-limiting belief systems. It may also manifest in how the client feels about him or herself, his or her colleagues, work and life in general. It is most obvious when individuals or organizations attempt to change some long standing ineffective pattern or policy. In those cases my primary focus is on cognitive and behavioral change.

I believe the client is, in many ways, the expert on his or her own life, intuitively knowing what will work best for him or her if he or she engages in a reflective dialogue. I believe individuals engaging in the tools of modern methodologies and principles can generate their own solutions; correcting their actions and improving their communication skills and behavior while gaining personal maturity and self-confidence. They can learn, measurably change and excel.

I believe that a strong trusting relationship needs to develop between the practitioner and client; one that is mutually honest, authentic, accountable, creative, credible and safe.

My approach includes five dimensions.

It is:

  • Value-based

  • Goal-focused

  • Measurable

  • Consistent within the context of each unique situation

  • Respectful of the individual client’s spiritual and/ or religious beliefs.

My strongest influences as they relate to my work are derived from the professional disciplines of adult education, psychology, organizational development, team building, clinical counselling and holistic life coaching, psychotherapy and executive and leadership development.

The very core of my personal and professional service is based upon my commitment and dedication to heart, compassion, service, faith, kindness, intelligence and spirit.

Personal Code of Professional Ethics

As a member of International Coach Federation and Master Certified Coach (MCC) I adhere to the ICF Pledge of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct,, which are in full alignment with all of my professional commitment and conduct.


Professional Experience and Academic Background


  • Specialized diverse background in psychology, business and leadership

  • Cross-cultural education and experience

  • Excellent understanding of complex business and personal issues

  • Metaphysically-based leadership consulting, counselling and life coaching

2015 to 2018
President and CEO of Max Sacks International, a Sales Training and Sales Management Consulting Firm headquartered in Seattle, WA.

1987 to Present
Individual work with CEOs and other Senior Level Executives in the private and public sector. Services included final selection interviews and character assessment for senior executives. Experience with confidential, top level consulting in company internal personnel problems and other stressful corporate issues, including Consulting and Coaching Services in personal and family matters.

2009 to Present
Founder and President of the International Metaphysical Academy Inc.

Co-founder and President of BODYLIGHT CLINIC Inc., offering a state-of-the art, no-nonsense weight-loss clinic. The program included individualized coaching services, clinical hypnosis and homeopathic remedies for a healthy life style and general physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

1995 to Present
Co-Founder of DELEGATION 2000 - NEW AGE, Executive Director, a worldwide spiritual movement. Conducted and facilitated monthly public meetings and private metaphysical study groups, promoting the exchange of information, new knowledge and individual thinking throughout North America and Europe. Was managing Director of Program and Curriculum Development.

Founder and President of COUNSELING BY PHONE INTERNATIONAL Inc. Staffed and provided an innovative professional psychological counseling and coaching service through an 800 number on a 24 hour basis, available throughout North America.

1986 to Present
Founder and President of W.I.N. Inc., (Now: Inc.) EXECUTIVE COACHING, COUNSELING AND CONSULTING SERVICES, operating in Canada, the U.S., South America, Asia and Europe.

1982 to 1985
Successfully opened and staffed as Area Manager the Vancouver Island office of CONTEXT TRAININGS CORPORATION, a major training and development organization in North America, specializing in education and effectiveness training for adults. Created profit within one year of operation.

1985 to 1986
Director of Corporate Accounts Division, CONTEXT TRAININGS CORPORATION, serving over 300 U.S. and Canadian clients.

1978 to Present
Extensive experience as Clinical Counselor in private practice, with emphasis on individual and relationship therapy. A variety of clinical approaches include Adlerian Psychotherapy, Imago Therapy, Gestalt, Clinical Hypnosis, Sexual Abuse, Trauma Counseling, Autogenic Training and Short-term Solution-focused Therapy.


2017 - SQ21
Certified as SQ21 (Spiritual Intellegence) Self-Assement Interpreter and Coach

2008 – PhD
Doctor of Philosophy – Metaphysical Coaching University of Sedona, Arizona
2004 to Present
Ordained Metaphysical Minister International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM)
2004 - PhD
Doctor of Philosophy - Metaphysical Science International University of Metaphysics, Los Angeles, CA
2007 - Present
Ordained Metaphysical Minister Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM)
2004 - Msc.M
Masters of Metaphysical Science International University of Metaphysics, Los Angeles, CA
1999 - MCC
Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation
1999 - CMS
Certified in Marketing and Sales by the Dutch Council of Accreditation under ISO 9000 Program
1985 - PhD
Educational Psychology, Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA
1978 - M.Ed.
Adult Education, University of Cologne, Germany
1974 - MSW
Masters of Social Work, Kath. FHS, Aachen, Germany

Fluent in English and German

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