"Any executive that doesn't take his or her development seriously is not going to remain a business leader for very long"

CEO Coaching and Consulting:

Anneli has broad experience in organizational and individual transformation, conflict resolution, corporate health, developing trust, ethical conduct, dependability and loyalty, thereby increasing bottom-line profits. Her diverse education and experience in psychology, cross-cultural business and leadership uniquely qualifies her to tackle complex issues. Her key areas of focus are:

  • Conflict Dissolution

  • Employee Character Assessment

  • Intra-personal Review

  • Final Selection Interview


Dr. Driessen,

This letter is an acknowledgement and thank you for your mentoring and coaching assistance you have provided to me personally, my students and to my associates for the past fifteen years.

In particular, I would like to highlight your tremendous help during the past three years, where our company went through major structural and management changes as well as your assistance with our new customer service program.

Of all your attributes, the thing I appreciate most is your simple, direct approach to the problems we face in our complicated lives. You have made a great contribution to our success at Max Sacks International both personally and professionally.

Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE
President and CEO, Max Sacks International



This train is chugging along with some great things in progress. Business is improving. The most significant thing that you impacted is the relationship with my son and allowing me to put my brain in panoramic view so that I could envision his genius and creativity. We are moving ahead at warp factor four speed and I am hanging on.

Ray Horton Sr.
President and CEO
Horton Financial Services, L.L.C.
Shreveport, Louisiana

You are a Star!
Hi Anneli!

I just wanted to thank you! I think you were quite amazing and extremely effective today.
You hit ALL The major points - and what a memory for listening!
Thanks so much - you made the whole day deeply moving and gave us easily understood concepts, the necessary tools, and the encouragement with which to move forward as a team.

Thanks again!

Janice Henshaw
Executive Director
Association of BC Land Surveyors
Victoria, British Columbia


There are no words that can express my gratitude for the coaching you gave a business associate and me by guiding us to essentially eliminate a deep-seated rift between he and I that has lasted for almost 20 years. Imagine how much he and I could have accomplished over the years if we used your wise guidance years ago.

Al Kauder, CSM
President and CEO
Optimum Company
Minneapolis, Minnesota

To whom it may concern:

Hiring the ‘right’ people in any organization is one of the greatest challenges I have encountered over years of corporate leadership. I learned that a successful long-term hire is more than just the requisite for work-related skills. And the wrong hire can be more expensive and time consuming that no hire at all.

What I look for are people with work-related skills plus their people skills and, most importantly, their match with corporate culture. This can be a difficult area to assess, regardless of one’s background training in ‘emotional intelligence’, or a variety of related assessment tools.

As a service-based business, prioritizing the customer, trust and integrity are key corporate values. After our HR executives make the first selection for the best potential suitable persons to be hired, Anneli meets with key hires individually for a final selection interview. We have even used phone meetings which have also worked exceptionally well. During this interview Anneli has proven her unique ability to quickly ‘read’ an individual’s character strengths and weaknesses and help us make the best match possible.

I have used Dr. Driessen’s consulting services a number of times, which has saved us thousands of dollars in the long run. I feel very fortunate to be able to rely on her expertise and I will continue using her most valuable services.

I highly recommend Dr. Driessen.

Susan DeFlorio
Cloud Computing Industry
Seattle, Washington





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