Clinical Counseling:

Clinical approaches used are Adlerian Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy, Gestalt, Clinical Hypnosis, Sexual Abuse and Trauma Counseling, Autogenic Treatment and Metaphysical/Spiritual Counseling.

Extensive education and experience in:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Relationship Counseling

  • Transitions and Change, including Retirement

  • Living with Illness

  • Loss and Grief


I had the opportunity to work with Anneli during some counseling sessions with my Mother. We had a conflict that we simply could not resolve ourselves, and that is where Anneli's expertise came in. Anneli is like a seasoned waiter in a fine dining restaurant - never intrusive, but always there to serve when needed. When our "wine glass" needed refilling, or the conversation was turning a bit "sour", Anneli was there to refill the glass and ensure that the conversation sailed along in a respectful, pleasant way. This was not an easy task to begin with! I learned a lot about listening, and how much work it truly takes to really "hear" what another person is saying.

Thank you, Anneli!

A little postscript: Since our sessions, Anneli, my mom and I have had two good conversations. I haven't as of yet written down my misgivings and burnt them, but that was only due to the fact that I had an unexpected working weekend last week. I have made it a priority and will do so soon, as I do understand the importance of writing down the list, and then, burning it.

My daughter Kate and I are now taking the train to Winnipeg in mid-Nov. (bought the tickets through a 50% sale) to celebrate my mother's 75th birthday. It is, a surprise for her. So SHHHH!!! Don't tell.

I know that it will mean a lot of to my mom. I thought you'd like to hear that story.

Take care, Anneli, and I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Marnie Sekta-Mooney
Voice Teacher/Music Theory Teacher


The first time that I met with Anneli in the spring of 2000, I worked for the provincial government in the Tobacco Control Program. It was a very exciting and interesting area to work in. It has regional, provincial, national and global movements and the network of people that I worked with was at each of those levels. I felt that the work I did was very valuable to British Columbians, Canadians and society – preventing people from beginning to use tobacco, helping people to stop using tobacco, especially youth, reducing illness and premature deaths and saving lives. Not to mention, reducing health care costs! Being forced to leave this program was a tremendous loss for me.

Even though I knew that my position could be made redundant, I must admit that it was a shock to me when it happened. I truly appreciated Dr. Driessen counselling me and leading me step by step through this transitional period. She assisted me in moving more quickly from this loss through numerous changes to a higher level of acceptance for the decision to reduce the program expenditures, for this government’s strategies. She successfully supported me to train and acquire a new position in the Information Management Group (systems area) as a policy analyst in the ministry.

The second time that I saw Dr. Driessen was during my marriage break-up while, at the same time, I was training for a new position as a Policy and Legislative Analyst in the Ministry of Education. I like her down-to-earth, pragmatic, solution-focused approach to these major life issues. Anneli significantly assisted me to reduce the impacts of these changes on my family and my work within a very short period of time, for which I am very grateful.

Yours truly,

Karen Crosby
Policy and Legislative Analyst


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