Metaphysical Approaches To Counseling, Coaching and Education

Recent polls have shown that more and more individuals are turning away from traditional Religions embarking on their own spiritual journey. Anneli recognizes that most people have in common their genuine quest for truth, their commitment to ethical principles, personal full accountability and their belief in a singular almighty and supreme intelligence, God.

What is a Metaphysical Coach?

Many people have different ideas of what a coach is. There are by now hundreds of definitions and concepts. Coaches are many things to many people. They can be viewed as a paid supportive friend, someone who is with you during a time of personal enquiry and change. Most often we hear of coaching relating to athletes or sports.

A Metaphysical Coach takes on the same role, but focuses specifically on the area of your personal and spiritual life. He or she looks at you holistically, since everything in life is connected in one form or another and therefore a part of you and your experience. It may be that you are a very gifted and/ or are an Indigo or Crystal?

A Metaphysical Coach has the awareness of our multidimensionality, assists you in discovering who you really are and why you are here, while acknowledging and welcoming your uniqueness. He are she is by your side as you learn to navigate your way around in this world.

Who gets great value from Metaphysical Coaching?

It is for you if want someone and a place where you need or want to:

  • discover your unique gifts, passions, desires and needs

  • better focus on what you really want

  • make decisions that align your head and heart

  • get help in setting goals

  • receive tools, strategies and support to achieve your goals

  • get out of feeling stuck of where you are currently in your life

  • receive confirmation and clarity on the direction you are going in

  • discover your unique purpose and contribution to this life and act on it!

  • have more understanding and knowledge of who you are

  • live according to universal knowledge, laws and principles

  • create balance in your life in all areas, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • learn to love yourself

So what is it you want to happen when all is said and done?

Coaching sessions can help you clear the air and allow you to think about the direction you are heading instead of placing focus on where you have been.

Einstein once said that A life without cause is a life without effect.

A Metaphysical Coach asks the right questions and assists you in recognizing the possibilities that exist.

When someone asks the right questions only then can we receive answers with clarity and understanding, which in turn unlocks the door of opportunity and possibility.

Whether face-to-face, or within telephone or online long-term coaching programs, your coach helps you narrow down your areas of need to one or more manageable bites in order to tackle the issues at hand and assists you step by step towards achieving your visions, plans, goals, or projects.


Remember you are in charge! It is up to you!


What is a metaphysical Minister?

Metaphysical Minister.pdf

Anneli provides spiritual/metaphysical coaching and guidance individually as well as through the metaphysical academic curriculum encouraging individual thinking, discernment, spiritual development and the application of metaphysical knowledge to real personal life issues.

Anneli ensures:

  • A safe, loving, and supportive learning environment with no dogma, doctrine, rituals, or prayer groups

  • Privileged access to higher spiritual information

  • Deeper understanding of the purpose of our life

  • Peace of mind and serenity

  • Identification of spiritual needs and responsibilities

  • Information on what happens after this life

  • Increased understanding of key life issues

  • Personal assistance, advice, and direction

  • Individual spiritual coaching and guidance

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Dr. Anneli

When I was first diagnosed with cancer 12 years ago I thought my life was over. I was very depressed, angry and felt cheated. With your help I have come to understand more about my life, my life’s purpose and recognizing new opportunities. I shifted my thinking. I made so many positive changes. It sounds crazy but I am a much happier person today.

I have let go of old grudges and regrets and thank God every day for another beautiful day and the many good people in my life: the doctors and nurses at the hospital, my friends, former colleagues and my family. This includes you as well. Your gentle guidance as well as your firm and straightforward approach always provided me with the right balance to ‘kick my ass into gear’ and to make the best of every day.

I discovered gardening, build toys for my grandson and still work part-time.

And oh yes, my wife, my best friend! She is the best!

Thanks, Doc!


Early this year I sought Dr. Driessen's counselling services. Another fellow student who had worked with her recently and received much help recommended her to me. Being a "mature" student I had to make major adjustments in order to prepare for my Masters’ Thesis. I experienced a major spiritual crisis when I suddenly got diagnosed with cancer. It did not make any sense.

After a few sessions I felt significantly calmer and more confident. I also was more organized and able to focus on priorities without compromising my family obligations.

Dr. Driessen is easy to talk to. She has a great understanding of the demands and challenges of life in general as well as of the competitive and demanding life of today's students.

I particularly appreciated her sense of humour, which allowed me to not take my situation so seriously. She helped me to relax more, change my thinking and to appreciate my journey…


Liz James Bsc.D †

Merry Christmas Anneli

Thank-you for everything you have done for me. My life!

I wish you strength, health, courage and love that you may continue to follow your passion; encouraging others to open themselves to enlightenment.

Working together we may each, in our own best way, make a difference. One step at a time – always trusting that as we do our best everything will fall into place in perfect divine order.

I love this season. Though I no longer celebrate Christmas as I once did, I am cognizant of the untold millions of people who come together in families this time of year and genuinely reach out to whatever their concept of God is with loving wishes for all of mankind. It is a wonderfully receptive time to join with them in sending to all spirits, those present and those passed on, love, compassion and thanks for the myriad of blessings we enjoy all year long.

If not before, I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Much love,

Richard Warrington
Curriculum & Assessment
Learning Division

Dear Anneli,

Just a quick note to thank you for all your support and guidance throughout the past few years, especially the past few months. I’ve recently said good-bye to my house of 30 years and all the friends that lived close by. However, I embraced my new little home in a new city– and that went well.

What was and still is, is much more difficult for me is saying good-bye to my excellent health that I was so privileged to have for more than half a century. I do mourn my health and must now cope with and accept what is left. I live a different life-style. It’s tough, but I know it can be done without complaining and thinking or saying: “I hate this”.

As I am getting much help my life is much more simple now and I have lots of time to think.

When I can’t sleep at night and I am wide awake I go outside and look at the moon. Yesterday I saw a deer. When I don’t go outside I read a few handouts I received from you when I was a student at your Metaphysical Academy. I get great comfort from reading them and can get back to sleep. Because of all this beautiful information and what I learned in the Academy I am not afraid to die, just the idea of leaving my friends and family behind here I don’t like. But I know it’s all just a matter of time and we will all be together again.

Thank you, Anneli, all this knowledge and understanding of the principles of life helped me to accept my new life and new things to discover, appreciate and be grateful for.

With much love,


PS. I also want you to know that I feel so very connected to all of my fellow students from the Academy. They are my true spiritual family.

Renee Chalmers
Qualicum Beach, BC

Dear Anneli;

I am absolutely thrilled you asked me to write this letter in support of this special nomination.

It's been about a year since our coaching sessions, and I wanted to give you a progress report. As you know, we started from a good place. I was successful as the General Manager of Focal Communications. I worked there over five years, and spent over twenty years in telecommunications. I built the Seattle branch from scratch, and achieved the top sales in our system. During my tenure, I generated $15 million dollars in new revenue and forged alliances with most of Seattle's top companies.

In conclusion, Yet, I was frustrated about my waning ability to impact strategic direction. I wanted to understand if the environment would allow me to contribute in a more meaningful way, or if there was some way I could adjust my behavior to achieve that objective. Working with you, it became clear that what I needed to do was gain greater clarity and ownership of my overall goals and talents
Through you, I learned I was ready for bigger and better things. The end result was feeling more confident in my decisions and having greater control over my life's work. As we journeyed together, I was freed of self-created limits and was able to set new goals reflecting the leadership I had to offer an organization. I went from "hoping I could help" to knowing I could be in charge.

In very gentle and creative ways, you helped me discover who I really am. I still remember when you recommended a certain book about CEO behavior. My first thought was "that can't be me", when in reality my strong service nature was overshadowing my leadership talents. You knew it was important for me to discover those talents and take ownership of them. And, you knew I would see it in that book.

Anneli, you taught me a lot about myself. Your unique perspective helped me put a "business problem" into a "life" perspective. I'm now able to operate at a much higher level, and have leveraged my talents as Chair of Bellevue Economic Partnership. I've enjoyed some time off and am engaged in a job search. I am confident in my ability to obtain a CEO level position in a technology company. Recent interviews suggest I'm on the right track. I'd like to thank you for your help, support, insight and guidance. To the extent you can share this as a "happy ending" story, please do. I think the world would be a better place if more people get a chance to work with you. You deserve in every way the Reward as the 2005 Canadian Coach of the Year.

With best regards,

Sue DeFlorio


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